Writers’ Circle

When:   Wednesday Nights at 5:30PM
Where: Pressed Cafe, 750 Gladstone Avenue

When we say “writers”, that means anyone, especially you! The circle is a safe space for sharing writing, be it point-formed poetry, fractured fiction, plays in dismay, or even your grocery list if you think there’s something in there.

The In/Words Writers’ Circles are about building better writers and literary communities as writers new and seasoned alike can meet to share their latest ventures with fresh eyes.

With regard to feedback, if you would like people to simply critique how a piece sounds, bring along your own copy, and be ready to annotate; if you would like others to proofread and give feedback on the tone in general, bring along a few copies and make that clear before you begin; if you would like thorough editing and constructive criticism, then bring around seven to nine copies, enough for everyone to scribble their thoughts on.

You are more than welcome to bring nothing at all if you would just like to come along for the drinks and the atmosphere.
If you have any questions, send an email our way; any cancelled circles will be announced on this page, so stay tuned.
Hopefully see you at the next circle!

29 thoughts on “Writers’ Circle

  1. Hi! I’m an English major from Carleton who is aspiring to becoming an editor. I just wanted to know if this event is still happening. If so, I would love to drop in tonight.

  2. I really want to come to these but I have class until 8PM on Wednesday. T___T
    Do you every have Writers’ Circles on other days of the week? Or are people allowed to come late? What time do they usually run?

  3. Is there a contact person for the writers circle? I have a project that I think some of your writers might be interested in. It’s a Storytelling TV show. I’m looking for locals who would like to share their stories on TV.

  4. This sounds fantastic, I’m going to assume no details have changed since Nov5 and give this ‘Daily Grind’ a whirl. Thanks in advance for putting this together

  5. Ah, this sounds fantastic! Thank you so much for having this available for writers. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it next week.

    1. Our Writers Circle has actually been moved to Wednesday nights at The Daily Grind in one of the upstairs rooms. Hopefully this will allow you to check it out some time. Oh, and they generally run until nine, but it depends on how many people show up.

    1. Hi Benny!
      The group most certainly is still active; we meet in the very back room of the top floor at the Fox and Feather. The servers at the bar upstairs know us so you can just ask for the writers group if need be.
      Hope you make it, it’s always great to see new faces!

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