In/Words is now open for submissions. Theme: WORK! (a mini anonymous issue)

Deadline: December 16th

The grind, the gig, the job. Whatever you want to call it, work is an integral part of our society. Sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it, but it doesn’t change the way it effects our day to day.
We all have anecdotes about our jobs. From cool colleagues to gross breakrooms, annoying customers to amazing coincidences our jobs fill our lives with stories. Share yours with us! Tell us about your experiences, your highs and lows, in poetry, prose, or art. Be inspired by the work you do, or is done around you.
And don’t worry, it’s entirely anonymous (you can be as truthful as you’d like). Your name won’t be published with the submission!
As this is a mini anonymous issue, submission guidelines will be a little different, so please read them fully before submitting:
– No bio necessary (although feel free to say hi!)
– Max. 5 poems per person
– Max. 1 prose submission per person at 500 words max.
– Max. 5 visual pieces per person

General Submission Guidelines

  • Email submissions to
  • Include your name and genre(s) in your submission line. Submissions are read blind, so please don’t include any identifying information in the actual piece.
  • You may submit to multiple categories, and you can send all submissions in one email.
  • Please include a third person bio, approximately 50 words (we won’t care if it’s a bit over). If your work is selected, the bio will be published in the issue as well.
  • Include contact information, primarily your mailing address either in the body of the email or in a separate document (up to you). If your work is selected, this is where we will be sending your contributor’s copy.
  • Please submit in the formats specific to the genre you are submitting to. If your work is a hybrid piece that falls into multiple categories, just choose whatever ones you think fit.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions, but please inform us as soon as your work is accepted elsewhere so we can remove it from consideration.
  • We don’t accept previously published submissions, but a piece published on your personal blog is fine, as long as you give In/Words credits should your piece be accepted!

We recommend looking through a couple of our back issues to get an idea of the work we publish. However, keep in mind that the editorial team changes frequently, so don’t be deterred from submitting work you feel doesn’t ‘fit’ with what previous editors have chosen. We encourage pieces that are political, dissenting and passionate. We strongly encourage submissions from creators from marginalised groups. 

Rights revert back to the author after publication. Feel free to publish your work in anthologies and chapbooks, just credit In/Words if you do.

We’ve included specific guidelines for submission categories below. If you have any questions, send us an email at


  • Poetry submissions are limited to 5 poems per poet.
  • All submissions should be in .doc or .docx. PDF’s are difficult to work with during publication, however, feel free to include a PDF in addition to a document if you are concerned about formatting issues.
  • There is no maximum length for submissions


  • Prose submissions are limited to 1 per writer.
  • All submissions should be in .doc or .docx. PDF’s are difficult to work with during publication, however, feel free to include a PDF in addition to a .doc if you are concerned about formatting issues.
  • Prose submissions should be under 1500 words.


  • Visual submissions are limited to 5 pieces per artist.
  • All submissions should be in .jpg
  • We welcome all forms of art: traditional, digital, photography.
  • Keep in mind that we print on half A4 paper, so choose work that fits best with that size.
  • Pieces may need to be cropped or adjusted for publication. If your work is chosen, an editor will be in touch with you to get your approval of the final piece.

Cover artwork

If you’d like your artwork to be considered for the cover, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • There should be space on your piece to put the In/Words logo and the title of the issue.
  • We love covers that wrap around! For this, you’ll have to make sure your piece will look good folded in half.
  • If your work is chosen, an editor will be in touch with proofs before publication!
  • Even if your work is not chosen for the cover, it will still be considered for interior publication.