In/Words is currently open for submissions. 


Issue 17.1: Travel

Deadline: 15th September

Please read our submission guidelines. Any submission that does not follow these guidelines will be disregarded and unacknowledged.

Travel. Do do fear it or crave it? Do you hover close or drift far? Do you bring friends or find friends? Do you chase beauty or the world’s best unibrow? Do you hide in your own language or taste new sounds? Do you seek new places or find new worlds?

Send us your poetry, prose, photography, artwork, text-based art, videos, and music of your travels, past or future, real or imagined. Take us somewhere else.

In the subject of your email, please include your name and genre(s) of your submission. In the body of the email, please include your address, a third-person author bio (50 words max), and the title(s) of the works you are submitting. Feel free to include any formatting notes, but please submit in the formats listed below. Please mention if you go to Carleton University or if you live in Ottawa.

Poetry submissions are limited to 5 poems per poet.

Prose submissions should be less than 1500 words.

Visual, audio and video submissions should be limited to 5 works per artist.

Feel free to submit to multiple categories!

All text submissions should be attached as .doc or .docx, visual submissions in .jpg and video submissions in .mp3 or .mp4.

Please email in all submissions to

For back issues, see here.


38 thoughts on “Submit

    1. Hi Kathrynn, thanks for your interest! Unfortunately as a student-run press we’re not able to compensate our contributors financially, but we do give each of them a free copy of the issue in which their work appears.

    1. Hey Michael,

      Thanks for asking! Use rights are pretty limited–they include publication in the magazine, and online distribution (for magazine promotion only–i.e. if we publish your piece as our cover art, photos of the magazine will appear online). You still own the rights outside of our use! The only thing to watch out for is “previously unpublished” requirements from other publications if you think you might submit the same piece elsewhere subsequent to its publication in In/Words.

  1. I would like to submit a set of photographs from a themed shoot. What is the practical limit to the number of photographs I can submit? The shoot tells a story so I have some flexibility with the number of images used.

  2. What are your thoughts on recieving submissions for work that have been posted online? Many of my poems and short stories are on the Internet, but I could very easily take them down in order to submit if you so suggested.

    1. Hey Hannah! We have no qualms with receiving submissions that have previously appeared on personal blog. However, if we accept a piece posted on Tumblr or WordPress or whatever, it would be nice if that piece was taken down and replaced with some kinda note about how awesome In/Words is for publishing your writing. On the other hand, we will not accept submissions that appear in an online journal (such as The Steel Chisel or Leaf Press’ Monday’s Poem). Online journals are real journals, and we do not accept previously published submissions.

  3. Five poems totaling 150 words — is that each poem no more than 150 words, or five poems collectively can’t be any more than 150 words?

    1. Thanks for your inquiry, Sheila. We request that the submission does not exceed five poems or 150 lines. If you have five poems that are 150 lines each, you must have an exceptional talent for writing long poems!

  4. When submitting poetry, do we have to make sure it is removed from personal blogs? I have a Tumblr and much of my work is reblogged several times over there, so it is difficult trying to get all pieces of my work completely removed from the internet before submitting anywhere. Hope this isn’t a problem!

    1. In the past we have accepted writing that has appeared on personal blogs, only asking that you inform us which pieces have appeared elsewhere. So, if the Tumblr-verse has seen the poem that you want to submit to us then that’s fine, but just remember to mention In/Words if you get published and want to make a celebratory post on your blog. That’s all we ask!

    1. Query? No. I don’t think so. Do you think you should query?
      You can just submit your short fiction up to 2000 words and we will make the queries from there. Does that resolve your query?

    1. Yes, we will accept poems that have been posted on personal blogs. I guess we only ask for you to let us know if the poems you are submitting have been previously published anywhere, even if it is only on your personal blog.

  5. Hey ya’ll,

    the non-fiction submission guidelines aren’t noted above, should I assume they are the same as the fiction guidelines?

    1. Yes, that would be a safe assumption! That was pretty close, though, if you know the dangers you risk when you assume!
      Now to clarify, if it is creative non-fiction that you wish to submit then it should follow the same guidelines as a fiction submission, otherwise I believe the guidelines for writing a review are explained (if perhaps a little vaguely) above. I hope that answered your question!

  6. This is great! Thank you for the opportunity. one question, though. Are multiple submissions accepted? like if I want to try my luck with the poetry pieces and maybe a couple of fiction stories? Cheers!

    1. You are welcome for the opportunity! Thank you for the question!
      Yes, multiple submissions are accepted, but the guidelines must still apply. So, no more than 5 poems totaling up to 15o lines and if you are sending multiple pieces of fiction than make sure that the total word count is under 2000 words.

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