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  1. […] There are too many stories about the staff at In/Words to include in one article. For example: the nude calendar that was in the works for years, utilizing famous Canadian books with titles that qualified as euphemisms–Hugh’s Barometer Rising; Moodie’s Roughing it in the Bush; Crozier’s Sex Lives of Vegetables; Souster’s As Is; Engel’s Bear. This may soundĀ glamorousĀ  but there are probably reasons beyond poor organization that prevented its publication. In/Words itself is still operating a reading series, chapbook press and magazine. It has been rebooted once again with a fresh editorial team including Jenna Jarvis, whom I can vouch for. Their latest issue can be read here. […]

  2. Hi there,
    We’ll put it up after we distribute more of the print editions. It’ll probably go up after our March reading series on the last Wednesday of the month.

  3. […] In/Words 11.1 was put together through the efforts of Bardia Sinaee, who acted as layout and poetry editor, and David Currie, who edited the prose. It’s filled with excellent writing, and I would highly suggest you pick up a copy in Ottawa, or read it online! […]

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