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In/Words Chapbook Press

Series 11 & 12

Chris Johnson – Have You Ever Seen A Sky So Grey?

Shai Ben-Shalom – Martians Among Us

 Chris' Cover3  Shai's Cover

Series 7

Gary Robinson – White Dance

Pete Gibbon – Lost Poems Found

Series 6

Justin Million – A Butterfly Rush

Amanda Besserer – Adversarius Poetica

Ben Ladouceur – Three Knit Hats Stewart Joyce – The Unpublished Works of Stewart Joyce Vol. 1

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2 thoughts on “Archives

  1. Hi! I was one of the earlier editors of In/Words and I have many of the hard copies of some of the issues you are missing in your archives. Would you like me to send them to you? Cheers! Claudia

    1. Hello Claudia, that would be lovely! It has been a shame that our archives have been missing so many years of the magazine. It’s really not much of an archive at all! We can certainly return the issues once we’ve scanned them and uploaded them into our archives, if that would be of interest to you. You can find our mailing address in the “About” section.

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