Current Team

Manahil Bandukwala

Manahil is a tea-loving writer and artist from Pakistan, currently living in Ottawa.  She finds talented people to perform at the reading series, oversees the writer’s circle, makes occasionally funny posts on In/Words’ Instagram and Twitter, sends a lot of emails, makes fun spreadsheets, and does graphic design for In/Words. Manahil likes shiny paper, Minion Pro, and the clone stamp tool on Photoshop. Her work has appeared in In/Words, Bywords, the Puritan, the shreeking violet press, battleaxe press, where is the river, and Coven Editions, among others. She is an English major at Carleton University. Find her work on her website,

Jaya Budhia

Jaya stumbled into the In/Words office, and the staff can’t figure out how to get rid of her so they let her format. She is mostly human, though her sleep schedule says otherwise. She is a psychology major who likes to think of herself as a writer, photographer, graphic designer, and poet. Her only published work is found in The Valley Below, a 2011 Young Writer’s Anthology (don’t read it – it’s from 8th grade).

Sonja Peters

Sonja is basically best described as a perpetually tired pigeon, but with tired energy that doesn’t really make it appear that she actually would rather sleep. An English major at Carleton, Sonja loves writing, singing, and attempting to keep the few plants she still has alive. Sonja likes meeting new people and tries to make people feel included. She also likes to joke in an attempt to put people at ease and break the ice, but also has a knack for making these situations more awkward because of it. Sonja strives for a career in the arts and has the oddly impossible goal to be the best old lady in the near, but far future.