Extended Deadline for submissions: May 15, 2016! Submission Guidelines for Refug(e)e, a Themed Issue of In/Words Magazine With Guest Editor Lise Rochefort

12784761_10205227810927111_1635671323_nIn/Words is a magazine about Canadian culture and ethics with an emphasis on literary fiction, poetry and art. The tone is intelligent and sensitive, with a particular taste for wittiness and diversity.

Refug(e)e: exploring internal and external geographies of the refuge/refugee experience.

The In/Words editorial team looks forward to reading submissions that reflect the full spectrum of the Refug(e)e experience: Your art and/or writing may acknowledge the emotional and physical realities of dislocation, fear, trauma or uncertainty but may just as well capture stories of healing, relief, and hope.

Your poem or short story may well include the voices and experience of those who have welcomed refugees. Or as a refugee, you may wish to contribute illustrations, photographs or essays that recall the specificities of your unique journey.

Texts exploring internal and external psyches with unexpected interpretations and experimental expressions of the words refugee and refuge—challenging and transgressing traditional understandings—are welcome. We are interested in liminal experiences where inner and outer borders collapse at the level of content and form.

The words refuge and refugee are open to critical thought, subjective interpretation or political satire—we are open to everything so long as it is sensitive and intelligent

Inclusivity is a priority for us so if you’re not sure whether your work fits with our vision, please don’t hesitate to write to us at refugee.inwords@gmail.com.                          

Guest Editor: Lise Rochefort

LiseLM Rochefort is a bilingual award-winning poet/editor/portfolio-careerist, living in Ottawa, ON., and Val-des-Monts, QC. She was recently named by the longstanding Tree Poetry Reading Series as one of Ottawa’s 2015 “Local Lights”.Lise studied Journalism at Carleton U., worked in community mental health programs, the travel industry, translation and research. Her poem HeLa’s Cells was long-listed for the 2011 Montreal International Poetry Prize. Her work has appeared in Geist, Arc,Truck as well as in a dozen chapbooks. Lise has been Arc Poetry Magazine’s Associate Poetry Editor since 2013. In 2014, her multi-media installation and video-poem Escalator was featured in Blink Gallery’s ‘Something Leads to Something Else’ exhibition. She is a founding member of Ottawa’s ‘Ruby Tuesdays’ poetry collective.

Submission Guidelines:

Below are the categories of submissions we are accepting, including maximum word lengths and remuneration. Please do not submit to more than one category at a time, and do not submit more than two samples of your work unless otherwise stipulated.

  • Essays: written or photo essay format. 1,000 words maximum or up to ten images: we pay $50/ accepted submission.
  • Non-fiction: 1,500 words maximum: we pay $50/accepted submission.
  • Flash fiction and short stories: 500 words pieces: we pay 50/ accepted submission. 500-2,500 words: we pay 50/ accepted submission.
  • Poetry: we pay $40/ accepted poem; 60 lines/poem including blank lines (maximum 3 poems per person).
  • Visual Art: whether you submit photos, cartoons or visual art, please send us a link to your portfolio or low-resolution images in your initial submission. We will contact you if we are interested in viewing high-resolution images. we pay $40/ accepted image/cartoon/photograph. You may submit up to five images at a time.

Extended Deadline for submissions: May 15, 2016

Submit all entries to: refugee.inwords@gmail.com.

Launch date in mid-September.

In/Words’ Mission: To uphold Canadian standards of excellence in literature. We are interested in the Canadian experience and need all of our content to connect to Canada (you may be a Canadian writer living abroad, your story or characters are set in Canada, your main character may be seeking refuge in Canada, etc). If you are sending your submission from abroad, please indicate your connection with Canada in your cover letter or email. We welcome and champion emerging writers and artists, so please don’t hesitate to submit regardless of your level of experience.

Thank you to our Funders/Sponsors:

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