September Reading Series! Featuring Nina Jane Drystek & Dave Currie!

The end of the month is coming up fast which means any three of the following:

  • Deadlines (esp. ours: September 30th is the submission deadline for In/Words 15.1!)
  • Deadlines (getting our latest work ready for the Reading Series)
  • The Reading Series is fast approaching! Yay!
  • Drew is standing behind you right now.

Here is some info on our features this month:

Nina Jane Drystek Jane is a poet, short story and non-fiction writer from Ottawa, Canada. Since moving back to Ottawa in 2013 she has worked and volunteered with the Ottawa Writers Festival and Tree Reading Series doing communications and social media. Her poetry was published by In/Words Magazine and Window Cat Press, and she has self-published two chapbooks.

Things haven’t gone so well for old Davie Currie. After publishing two chapbooks in 2014, a series of minor tragedies and misfortunes befell him. Many were his fault some were not. Now he’s back to tell you all about it.

Get stoked & see you on Wednesday!


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