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Here we are in the throes of February, setting records like “Winter 2015 could be Ottawa’s coldest in 35 years,” and “This weekend Ottawa is the coldest capital city in the world,” and “Today it was colder in Ottawa than it was on Mars“. And let’s face it, there are always those winter days when you go outside and the wind is furiously stabbing the frigid daggers of icy death into every pore of your body–and it’s days like those that have you questioning why the hell you or any person would ever willingly choose to settle in this industrial-sized walk-in freezer of city. I mean, what case can you really make for living in a place that, at times, is three degrees colder than the south pole? ALSO MARS.

And Jehiel Collins' was all like, "This looks like a STELLAR place to set up shop." 
And Jehiel Collins was all like, “Well this looks like a STELLAR place to set up shop.”

But for poetry lovers, there is plenty in this city that makes the cold well worth it–worth it enough to trek out into the glacial deathgrip of winter dozens of times every month. We have no shortage of fantastic poetry events here, and that’s something to be thankful for when you live in a place that CBC lovingly calls “the city that fun forgot.” In/Words is lucky to be part of such a rich, thriving community of writers, publishers, and poetry enthusiasts–without them we just would be sitting in our closet-turned-office, publishing chapbooks into a vacuum, and probably crying.

And so it’s because of that community that we’re able to get up to such exciting things this season. One of the biggest of those things is our involvement in VERSeFest 2015, where we’ll be co-hosting an event with our pals over at Blue Mondays. We are THRILLED to be presenting our poet picks this year: Kind-Of-A-Huge-Deal/Canadian poetry rockstar bill bissett, and our very own dalton derkson, of Hurtin’ Crüe fame. March 25 is going to be a fantastic show, and there is absolutely no reason you should not come. Same night and time as our regular reading series, less basementy venue. Check it out and buy your tickets while you still can.

Also performing (on opening night!) is Ikenna Onyegbula aka OpenSecret, of In/Words fame (but also there was that time last year when he won the World Slam Championship). His recent book, Army Arrangement, is up for sale on our Etsy store.

The whole festival is going to be mind-blowing. Check out the line up for yourself. Carleton Students get in free when they show their student card at the door. Everyone else should buy a festival pass, or volunteer with the festival to get a free one.

Reading Series, February Edition: Sandra Ridley and JM Francheteau

Our next show, happening Wednesday February 25 at 9pm at the Clocktower Brewpub in the basement, will feature two of our favourite local poets, the incomparable Sandra Ridley, and JM Francheteau, Reviews Editor of Arc Poetry Magazine. It’s going to be a helluva show. It’s going to be GREAT. And it’s totally free!

JM will also be launching his new HCPR chapbook, KIDS. Buy it from him on the night, buy it from the HCPR Etsy store, or better yet, do yourself a favour and buy a subscription for you and everyone you know–at $15 a pop, you can afford it.

New Addition to the In/Words Family

We’re very excited to be in the process of a major upgrade this year in terms of equipment. Just got a fancy new printer, Hildegard Pintar, who is quite possibly now the most competent member of our team. She is actually out-competencing all of us. However, we’re sad to see Harvey Pintar go, considering that he’s been in the family for about 7 years. Thus, we will be hosting a Harvey Pintar Retirement Party within the next couple of weeks. Check our Facebook group later for all the deets.

we <3 u bae
we  still ❤ u bae

Submissions for 14.3

They are closing Saturday, February 21 at midnight. Check out our submission guidelines. Submit your poetry, prose, visual art. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS.

That’s all for now, friends.

Further updates imminent re: our next issue launch, upcoming chapbooks, the Spring 2015 Small Press Book Fair, all that good stuff. Thanks for reading, and see you at the Clocktower next week!

– Av & the In/Words Gang


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