Introducing In/Words 2014-2015

Well, it’s fall again, and let me tell you, people in Ottawa LOVE fall–the mild temperatures, the beautiful scenery, the warm clothes that have gathered dust in the backs of our closets all summer (our layout designer is particularly excited to bust out his impressive collection of sweaters). Geoff will soon be donning his winter parka. Avonlea will soon be back in her favourite footwear–winter boots. Michelle will be setting fall fashion trends (again).

Drew will probably still be wearing a kilt to the Reading Series.

Chris, Matt and Maria, our fabulous outgoing editors, will be relaxing in their book-lined studies, smoking expensive cigars and drinking fine port while reading books by the likes of Tolstoy and Proust–this time for fun (that’s what happens when you graduate from a Masters program, right? Right…?)

In short, things are changing for everyone, and In/Words Magazine and Press is no exception. The new editing team is working hard to introduce some exciting new features–and bring back some old ones. Here are some of those changes, in varying levels of detail.


We’re pleased to announce that In/Words is moving online–in a big way. We’ll be opening our Etsy store in the very near future, where back-issues, current issues, chapbooks, subscriptions and pre-orders will be available for purchase. It’s happening. Equally exciting, we’ll also be selling our publications at the new home of our Writer’s Circle (Black Squirrel Books, at Bank and Sunnyside) following the launch of issue 14.1. That’s right: In/Words will now be (at least slightly) more available than ever before.

The In/Words Reading Series Presents: Openers (Again)

For a long time there was a tradition at the Reading Series of having an up-and-coming poet do a short set to open for the regular feature. There was also a long-standing tradition of taking a break immediately after the feature. We are going to honour at least one of those traditions this year. Our first Reading Series Opener will be introduced this October 29 at the Clocktower Brewpub (at Bank and Isabella) at (around) 9pm. Isn’t this great? Isn’t this exciting?! Check out our Facebook Group in the next couple of weeks for the event page to find out who our Feature and Opener will be. (Hint: At least one of them is sleazy.)

We will also take a break after the feature. Don’t worry.


Our goal this year is to publish 2-3 chapbooks along with each of the projected four magazine issues between now and May 2015. Some of the chapbooks will be chapbook-sized. Other chapbooks will be tiny-sized. Other chapbooks won’t look like chapbooks at all. But we promise you’ll love each one–we’re very lucky this year to be working with a fantastic roster of poets to put out some equally fantastic books. (There is at least one hidden teaser in this paragraph.)


Speaking of traditions… more details coming your way soon.

So, we encourage everyone to check in with us periodically, either here, or at our aforementioned Facebook group. Indulge in the fine hospitality of Black Squirrel Books at our Writer’s Circle every Wednesday, and come visit us at our Reading Series on October 29.

Thanks for reading, and happy fall!

– Av


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