In/Words Magazine Issue 13.2 & Chapbook Launch

Well, it’s fairly clear that winter is behind us, so it’s about time for us to release upon this new green world a batch of new publications from In/Words Magazine & Press. On May 8th three new publications will be released at Pressed (750 Gladstone Ave) including the newest issue of In/Words Magazine as well as two exceptional chapbooks: Portraits by JC Bouchard, and Love, Our Master by Brandon Wint. The launch will include readings by JC Bouchard and some poets featured in In/Words Magazine 13.2, as well as a musical performance by the local duo Vedal Pearl. It will surely be a beautiful evening of poetry and music, so come on out to Pressed on May 8th, have a beer with us, and pick up some new poetry by young and talented Canadian writers.

In/Words 13.2 CoverPerformers’ Bios:

JC Bouchard was born and raised in a northern Ontario mining town. Before moving to Toronto, he travelled extensively across Canada and The United States on a bus, and lived in Ottawa for two years. Sometimes he rides the subway back and forth all day long. He’s trying to find the moon in a puddle.

Nina Jane works with coffee, books and social media in Ottawa. She is a vegetarian, loves her bicycle, chooses purple as her favourite colour & loves sci-fi television marathons. She has a BA in English Literature & Creative Writing, & an MA in Theatre Studies. 

Vedal Pearl is a Canadian-based duo that plays sweet, subdued little love songs. The band is comprised of Elizabeth McGee (lead vocals, songwriting) and Daniel Cicala (instrumentation). “Between Fisherman”, their 7-song debut is now available on bandcamp. The soul of Vedal Pearl is an awkward and slightly dyslexic, precocious child that sometimes doesn’t want to go play with the other kids.

Jennifer Pederson is an Ottawa poet, session musician, and music teacher. A graduate of the Humber School of Writing, she is the co-director of the Dusty Owl Reading Series and is currently working on her first poetry collection.

Brandon Wint has twice won Canadian slam (team) Championships (2009 and 2010). Last winter (2013) his poetry was published in The Great Black North, which is the first-ever anthology of black Canadian poetry with a national scope/focus.
Poetry in Motion:


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