Flashback: A Month Ago

Do you remember the beginning of September? (Is that a song lyric? Sure sounds like it.) Do you remember the Showcase that started off our year with a bang? We hope you do remember, and you can revisit that event by checking out some pictures from the evening as taken by our good friend Neil Voorneveld.

IMG_8073 IMG_8058



Now that you’re feeling all happy and nostalgic… for a month ago, I have some good news for you; In/Words Magazine is now accepting submissions for Volume 13 Issue 1! Submissions should be sent to inwordsmagazine [at] gmail [dot] com. The subject line should contain the word “submission” as well as the appropriate category and the submitter’s surname (e.g. “Poetry Submission – Kipling”). Be sure to read our Submission Guidelines before you submit; it just makes things easier for everyone. Deadline is tentatively set for 1st November, so get your submissions in quickly!

We look forward to reading your submissions! Happy writing!


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