Summer Stuff (including Last Minute Info)

Dear faithful readers or new curious stumblers,

Well, our end-of-the-school-year lull and exam-time silence has reached its end because it is now officially summer! Don’t you go thinking that summer means a break for In/Words though, ’cause if you thought that then you would have thought wrong.

This quick post is to remind all Ottawa-folk and In/Words Reading Series frequenters that the monthly Reading Series in the basement of Clocktower Brew Pub at 575 Bank Street will continue for the summer months. Come out and enjoy some great featured readers that we have lined up and bring a poem or two for the open-mic set as well!

Furthermore, we’d also like to remind everyone that In/Words Magazine is always accepting submissions, and that we are actually looking for some new pieces to publish in the next round of our revamped Broadside Series. So, if you have a poem or a micro-fiction piece then send it our way! We’re looking to have some more things available for the Spring edition of the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair on the 15th of June, so take a chance and submit!

Launch poster?

Finally, if your interested in writing this summer (I mean, who isn’t?), then there may still be a chance for you to sign up for Rick Taylor’s Summer Fiction Workshop (ENGL 2903A) at Carleton University, which runs from the 7th of May until the 13th of August. For more information on that, visit Carleton’s website and/or Carleton Central for availability.

That’s all the shop talk for today. Now go out and enjoy this summery weather!


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