In/Words Presents: An Evening of Firsts

1. Do you like poetry? Do you enjoy hearing poetry read aloud and having the chance to buy collections of never-before-seen poetry?
If the answer to either of those is yes, skip to step 3.
2. Do you like photography? Do you enjoy hearing the photographer talk passionately about their work and having the chance to purchase a copy of some photographs in print?
If the answer to either of those is yes, go straight to step 3.
3. Based on your interests, we suggest you bring some friends and join us all at Raw Sugar Café in the evening of Thursday 7th March to experience an evening of In/Words’ firsts.
Our unique showcase of talent includes: readings from a brand new collection of broadsides premiering that very evening;
Claire Pattison Hunter talking about her travels through her first chapbook, ‘Guernsey to Ottawa’; and finally our featured guests Aaron Kozak and Justin Labelle will discuss and read from their chapbook of photographs and poems. Their interesting and innovative collection focuses on Centretown and address a lot of themes relatable to anyone who calls Ottawa ‘home’.
The evening will get going at 7.30PM at Raw Sugar Café on Thursday 7th March.
We urge you not to miss out on a unique evening; poetry nerds and art aficiandos, unite!
Facebook event is here:

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