Good News, Sad News

We’ll start with the sad news, of course:

Midnight tonight will be the last chance for consideration in this coming issue.
Thank you so much to all who took the time to send us in pieces of their work to be considered for the upcoming issue, we will be getting back to you all as soon as possible. At the moment there is no finalised date of publication, but we will let you know when we know, so stay tuned with your eyes on this space.

And now we’ve let you down and crushed your literary hopes and dreams until our next issue, I’ll be the bearer of good news:
our first Reading Series of 2013 was this week!
On 30th January, alongside beautiful readings by our featured readers: Justin Million and Aaron Clark, there was a hell of an open-mic set, Dave Currie sporting a Playboy t-shirt, and a fantastic turn-out who braved the weather to view this spectacle in real-time. Many thanks to all you who came out; for you and for those at home who missed this fantastic evening, here is a photo that will bring a smile to these miserable February nights:


L-R: Dave Currie, Justin Million, Aaron Clark; including beer, a Playboy shirt, and the infamous Clocktower Pub basement.

‘Till next time!


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