End of October Update

This post won’t be as boring as the title would imply, I promise! Please keep reading! This is important and fun stuff!

Okay, getting down to business, first point of order:
Submissions have now closed for the upcoming magazine. Thank you for everyone who has submitted their work. We will get back to you soon and the issue will (hopefully) be coming out in early November. It should be a good issue with some poetry and some prose and perhaps a review and an editorial. The new editors are really taking the magazine in a new direction, aren’t they!

Okay, some more stuff, second point of order:
Although submissions for In/Words are currently closed, Carleton’s English Literature Society has just opened submissions for their Flash Fiction Contest. The contest calls for Carleton students to submit their short stories of 500-1000 words to the In/Words mailbox in Dunton Tower. So… that’s exciting and you should do that.

Moving on up, third point of order:
The Reading Series this month falls on the 31st, which means it’s a Halloween Reading! The featured reader is the very talented and lovely Marilyn Irwin. She is the author of a new above/ground press publication Flicker. Dave Currie will tell you that the book is very good and if Dave Currie tells you something, you listen. At the Halloween Reading, we will also be launching the chapbook Have You Ever Seen a Sky So Grey? by Chris Johnson (yes, he really is that white). Let’s throw a picture of this chapbook in here…. ImageSo, we’ll be seeing you at the Clocktower Brew Pub in the Glebe at 9 PM!

Let’s keep this train wreck a-rolling! Fourth point of order:
This point of will be on upcoming events. There are several. Numerous, even! The Ottawa Small Press Book Fair is fast approaching. It will be held on November 17th at the Jack Purcell Community Centre on Elgin. Also, for Ottawa dwellers, the Writers Festival is on at the moment. It seems pretty interesting. More details on that can be found on their website. Carleton students can get tickets for free with their student ID, so make sure to make the most of that.

That’s about it for now. Pretty informative and entertaining post, wasn’t it!


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