What Now?

Following the recent debacle on Facebook surrounding whether or not In/Words should make the switch to blind judging of submissions, the executives have appointed Terezi Pyrope as our Facilitator of Justice.


Terezi joins us fresh from Homestuck, the webcomic that recently raised several hundred thousand dollars for a videogame adaptation of the series.

In/Words isn’t asking you for 700K in real-life money. Instead, we want your creative submissions for our forthcoming issue! We have set the 30th of September as our tentative deadline, so that we can start work on the issue over the Thanksgiving long weekend, but we will extend this deadline if need be. Check our guidelines and submit, or else you’ll face the noose!

If you can’t spare a submission—but seriously, we’re not asking for much, here—please share your ideas for creative writing workshops with us! In/Words and ELS are, once again, teaming up to host workshops for the Carleton literary community in March of 2013. Early March is also the time for Ottawa’s annual VerseFest, as well as for the English Department’s George Johnston and Lillian I. Found poetry awards. In/Words members have typically kept a stranglehold on these contests, and we encourage all writers to hone their talents with us.

Excuse my gallows humour. I hope to see you all at the next edition of our reading series, featuring Brendan McNally! This month’s reading series falls on the 26th of September, which is my birthday! (Yep, I’m a Libra!) Buy me lots of drinks!

Hugs and kisses,


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