The Prodigal on Home Court

Peter Gibbon pictured with local dingo.

Hello hello, my pretties. I wish you were a litter of kittens so I could hear you purr.

Anyway, former In/Words editor and Conduit founder Peter Gibbon will be back in Ottawa for a few days this weekend after two years in Korea and Australia. To celebrate, share new poetry and raise money for our supportive friends at VERSeFest, we’re having a reading on Sunday July 15 at 8 PM in the basement of the Clocktower Brew Pub (575 Bank St).

Up for sale/auction/raffle will be:

1) The newest In/Words chapbook, Martians Among Us by Shai Ben-Shalom

2) Copies of Conduit 1/YES 20

3) Classic In/Words titles from our archive lair

The evening, hosted by the inimitable Dave Currie, will include an opening set by Shai, a featured set by Peter and very brief readings by Cameron Anstee, Jeff Blackman, jesslyn delia, Jenna Jarvis, Rachael Simpson and Bardia Sinaee.

Don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook. We request a $5 “at the door” donation for VERSeFest.

Be there or you’ll probably die alone!


One thought on “The Prodigal on Home Court

  1. […] 15) I will be giving a very brief reading in support of the In/Words Fundraiser for VerseFest. The featured readings will be Peter Gibbon, returning briefly from his long-exile in the far East with his long-awaited […]

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