11 Years of In/Words, pt. 2

From: In/Words 7.1  (January 2008)

Michael Gnarowski encounters a naked man in the Carleton University washroom

Neither pipe bombs nor the untimely death of the sixties
nor literary celebrity, decidedly unheralded,
can diminish from the primitive shock of finding a
babyjesus-bareass-naked man in a
university residence pub(l)ic washroom.

Don’t make a big deal. Look away.
Must be cold out.
Pay no attention.
I used to be young enough to do that.
Where did this naked guy come from?
Why is he here, now?
___He is here for the same reason I am here.
___We are both here now. I cannot un-look.
___He’s leaving. Where is he going? (dressed like that…)
___The real question: Why are we both here?

There will always be naked people at urinals, Michael Gnarowski.
There will always be friends who fall off,
fall out, try to kill us in their cars
and mooch, and flirt, and lie
but who will write about them?


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