Submissions Wanted for In/Words 11.1

Dear Virginias, Dickens and Twains,

In/Words Magazine, Carleton University’s student-run literary rag for 11 years running, is looking for poetry and fiction submissions for its winter 2012 issue. The issue will be printed in late February, so send your submissions to by DECEMBER 31.

The issue will launch (materially) at VERSeFest 2012 and (metaphysically) on Literary Landscape on CKCU 93.1, where chosen contributors will be asked to read their work on air!


2 thoughts on “Submissions Wanted for In/Words 11.1

  1. Dear Jenna,

    While that is a valid point, writing Woolfs instead of Virginias would ruin the semi-sexual phonetic quality of the names, which is the only reason those names were chosen at all. In fact, you should be commending us on being inclusive enough to address the Twains as well.

    End communication.

  2. That should be Woolfs, not Virginias. Refer to female writers by their surnames, as you would with male writers. WE’VE COVERED THE WHOLE SEXISM THING–


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