Oprah Throws Poets a Bone…

…after making sure it’s completely hollow: Spring Fashion Modeled by Rising Young Poets

Highlights: A poet and yoga teacher, Herrington melded her passions in Om Schooled, her forthcoming book about teaching yoga to children. Her “Zen, minimal” style is channeled in the clean lines of a French-cuffed shirt, linen vest, and vintage bow tie. “This look is straightforward yet idiosyncratic,” Herrington says. “Kind of like my writing.”

Speaking of idiosyncrasies, a few quirky heads in Montreal are working to ensure that a $50,000 donation is distributed entirely to one poet for one poem.

As if that weren’t precious enough: “Fees are lower for entries from ‘developing’ nations…. You do not have to be a published poet to enter!”

So, if you’re an unpublished poet in a “developing” country who can write a poem in English better than any other English-language poet in the world who might want $50K, then click here with your credit card ready.

To end on a less sarcastic note: he still won’t take that GG from ’68, but Leonard Cohen has finally accepted some recognition (with a personal note, mind you). It’s good to know he’s been keeping busy since they made that movie about him.


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