Volume 17, Issue 1: Travel

Featuring work by Erin Kirsch, Conyer Clayton, Sonia Gill, Evan J. Hoskins, Molly Cross-Blanchard, Isobel Crawford, Amanda Earl, Astoria Felix, Colin Mylrea, Alina Faulds, Kimberly Peterson and Nimra Bandukwala

Travel is complicated. Sometimes I feel like a traveller in Ottawa, in Canada, and I know if I went back to Pakistan, I would feel like a traveller there too. A common theme among diaspora writers is the notion of home, so it’s been interesting being so saturated in travel writing these past months.

I checked the In/Words inbox every day, elated when a new submission would pop up. As the youngest team In/Words has had in its 17 years, as well as the first all-women team, we faced struggles: our guidelines weren’t clear enough, we didn’t have the connections past editors have had, we’re learning everything along the way.

Nevertheless, when the time came to sift through submissions and choose which ones to accept, we found strong pieces that captured every essence of travel. From wanderlust to critiques of travel to navigating the space between travel and home, the works in this issue evoke the multifaceted nature that is travel.

And maybe after reading the first poem you’ll be inspired to get up and run around your city, or maybe you’ll curl up in your room with this issue and a cup of tea. Either way, we hope you find something in this issue that reaches out to you.

– Manahil Bandukwala

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